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Why Can’t You Give Me The Price?

Image: Transmission being torn down - A&A Transmissions20-or-so years ago, there were only maybe a dozen different transmissions on the road. Every transmission repair shop had a good stock of rebuilt units on hand. There were almost no updates necessary, and even if something unusual failed, most shops had a good supply of used parts on hand to replace it.

Today there are more than ten times that many transmissions in use, with new ones showing up all the time. Many of those transmissions have several different variations or calibrations, with as many as a dozen modifications necessary. What’s more, today’s transmissions are computer controlled, which means even though your transmission may not be working properly, there’s a good chance the root cause of the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the transmission itself.

To provide you with an accurate assessment of your transmission’s condition and give you an honest estimate for your automatic transmission repairs, we must perform a series of rigorous tests.  We identify which transmission is in your car, and which version of that transmission it is.  The manufacturers’ many times make mid-year changes to transmissions so there can be different variations even in the same year model!

Then we have to identify the specific problem, and isolate whether it’s in the transmission or the computer system. Finally, we have to determine the likely causes for the problem, based on a logical diagnostic process. Once we have that information, we’re able to give you a more accurate explanation of your car’s condition, and put together an accurate estimate of the costs for the transmission repair and provide that to you in writing.

There’s just no way to do all that over the phone.


Free Scan and Inspection

Call today to schedule your free scan and inspection: 843-238-8423. We also offer a free electronic diagnosis and road test. We keep our prices fair, reduce the angst of previous bad experiences by providing you with our 12 month UNLIMITED miles local warranty and work hard to have repairs completed within 3 days so you can get back to business as soon as possible.